Isadora offers efficient video playback for most native codecs and the high-performance HAP codec as well. Isadora’s modular system allows you unlimited ways to apply video effects to any video stream for pre-programmed cues and real-time control.

Isadora’s powerful Movie Player actor allows you to specify the loop points for your video and the starting point for playback, allowing you to present the exact portion of the video you need without cracking open an editing program. Isadora also facilitates interactive control of volume, panning, speed, and playback. The controls on the actor itself are also invaluable for pausing, resuming, stopping, and muting of playback during rehearsals. The Movie Player can even be switched between using a percentage-based and a timecode-based mode so that you can work with and control your media whichever way best suits the needs for your current project.

Whether for a stage production where you need linear video playback with timecode, or for artistic or VJ projects that require on-the-fly looping, scrubbing, and playback manipulation, Isadora has you covered.