A single copy of Isadora running on one computer can output to multiple video displays like screens, LED walls, and projectors/beamers; a feature limited only by the power of your hardware. In addition, Isadora’s built-in tools projection mapping and edge blending allow you to create seamless, large-scale images composed of multiple overlapping projections blended together into one.

Isadora allows complex projector and display configurations to be set up easily using the Stage Setup editor, an approachable yet powerful tool for managing your video outputs, which we call “Stages”. For individual video outputs, the Stage Setup editor allows you to quickly manage routing, keystoning, and preview options for up to 16 physical displays. It also offers easy integration with display extension hardware like the Matrox TripleHead2Go, Datapath Fx4, and MST hubs so that you can send content to even more outputs from a single computer.

Isadora’s Stage Setup offers a simple but powerful video blending wizard which will quickly step you through the process for combining multiple to cover an even larger area. After using this wizard, you only need to adjust the output keystoning and edge blend and gamma curves to achieve a perfect, seamless image.
The Stage Setup editor also offers direct outputs via Syphon, Spout, NDI, and Blackmagic Design hardware for each Stage. With a single click, you can activate these powerful video outputs, allowing you to send Isadora’s video output to other applications or devices.

With Isadora you’ll be able to send video to up to 48 Stages comprised of a combination of normal Stages and Virtual Stages. Like normal Stages, Virtual Stages cam be given custom resolutions, output to Syphon, Spout, NDI, or Blackmagic devices. Unlike normal Stages, however, you don’t need to be limited by what physical displays you have access to, allowing you to create and composite content using non-standard resolutions and aspect ratios. Using Virtual Stages, you can also create mesmerizing video loopbacks that extend the video processing, manipulation, and compositing capabilities of Isadora even further.