Isadora allows you to route and manipulate multichannel audio with the power and ease that is Isadora’s hallmark.

Isadora supports multichannel playback and routing to multichannel output devices for audio files. Using this feature, you’ll be able to route any source channel from your sound files to any destination on your multichannel output.

Like everything else in Isadora, this audio routing feature can be used interactively. You can take control of your routing and levels dynamically by using logic, the Text Formatter or JavaScript actor, and the text-based audio routing input on the Sound Player actor to create your custom spacial-acoustic relationships. Whether through powerful motion tracking capabilities, custom control interfaces, or other sources of real-time data, Isadora’s audio levels and routing can respond in real time. Use this feature to give your live performers tight control over the audio tracks or a tone generator or to create a fun, interactive sound-based art installation that can respond to the visitors’ actions.