Using integrated Art-Net or DMX input and output, Isadora allows you to synchronize lighting control with your video and audio cues, as well as the possibility of real-time interactive control.

Isadora offers countless cue-based and interactive options for lighting control. Unlike a conventional lighting console, Isadora’s node-based interface allows you to control any DMX value not just numerically but also interactively in real time. For example, you could choose to link Isadora’s powerful motion tracking capabilities to your lighting, enabling onstage talent to control of certain elements of your show; or you could choose to use web-based data to interactively change your lighting levels. Alternatively, you could use a microphone in a digital art installation to allow the public to interactively control an audio-reactive light sculpture. When it comes to mapping live input to lighting, the sky’s the limit.

In addition, video signals can quickly be converted into pixel-mapped RGB DMX values for output via USB-DMX devices or through a series of Art-Net nodes, controlling LED pixel matrices alongside traditional theatrical DMX fixtures. Isadora can also receive DMX and Art-Net, allowing you to control Isadora from a traditional lighting console or other show control software if desired.