You can try ISADORA now by simply downloading the installer below.
If you have not yet purchased a license, you can do everything except save.

Isadora 3 runs on Windows 10 and MacOSX 10.10.x (Yosemite) and later.


    Download this version if you use the online registration system.

  • ISADORA 3 USB Key Version

    Download this version if you have a USB Key.

  • ISADORA User Actors and Plugins

    Here you’ll find additional plugins created by TroikaTronix and others. This includes the awesome Rutt/Etra video processing plugin, ArtNet Send and Receive, TroikaTronix’s FreeFrameGL collection and more.

Related downloads

USB Key drivers, development kits, examples, manuals and more


Purchase a license to fully enable ISADORA. Click an option below to jump to the online store. Use our support form to request a 50% academic discount. Please note that all Isadora 3 Licenses function on both Mac and Windows computers.


Information required to register and fully enable ISADORA is sent to you via email after purchasing a license. Click the option below for your license edition for further instructions.

  • ISADORA 3 – Computer has Internet access
    1. Open Isadora.
    2. If you are registering a new license, choose Help > Register. If you are upgrading, choose Help > Upgrade.
    3. Follow the instructions in the registration dialog.
  • ISADORA 3 – Computer does not have Internet access
    1. Choose Help > Offline Activation
    2. Follow the instructions in the dialog box that appears.
  • ISADORA 3 USB Key Version – You have a USB Key

    You will need to register the USB key the first time you use Isadora on a new computer, or if you install a new version of Isadora on your existing computer.

    1. Download and install the latest drivers for the USB Key by clicking the USB Key Driver item under Additional Downloads on the left side of this page. 
    2. Insert the USB Key into the computer. The red light in the key will illuminate to let you know that the drivers are installed.
    3. Open the USB Key Edition of Isadora.
    4. If you are registering a new license, choose Help > Register. If you are upgrading, choose Help > Upgrade. The registration dialog will open.
    5. Go to the email you received after you purchased your USB Key Edition license and copy the six-line registration code given there.
    6. Go back to Isadora, and paste the registration code into the field at the bottom of the registration dialog.
    7. Click the Register button. Your copy of Isadora will now be fully enabled for saving.