Leverage the full potential of Isadora’s graphic programming environment for unmatched control and creativity. Ideal for broadcast mixing, live stage performances, and innovative interactive projects. Isadora excels at powering creative media applications.
IzzyCast’s full Isadora integration unlocks a world of possibilities for broadcasters, performers, and creators. By leveraging the full potential of Isadora’s powerful multimedia tools, users gain technical and creative control over their audio and video content. This integration allows for a seamless blend of live streaming capabilities with Isadora’s robust feature set, including:

  • Real-time and interactive control
  • Video output via RTMP, NDI, Syphon, Spout, and Blackmagic hardware
  • Video input via NDI, Syphon, Spout, and Blackmagic Hardware
  • Tools for data management
  • Customizable logic for automation
  • Extensive visual effects libraries (alpha masks, chromakey, color correction, motion tracking, numerous compositing options, and more)
  • Powerful communication protocols (VISCA, DMX, Art-Net, OSC, MIDI, MIDI Timecode, MIDI Show Control, TCP/IP to communicate with RESTful APIs)
  • Coding languages (GLSL, JavaScript, and Python)

Ideal for a wide range of applications, from broadcast mixing to live stage performances, Isadora’s integration enhances every aspect of production. Users can craft sophisticated visual narratives, orchestrate intricate audio landscapes, and engage audiences with interactive elements, all within the familiar and powerful Isadora environment. Whether you’re looking to create an immersive theatre experience, produce a cutting-edge live broadcast, or developing an interactive art installation, IzzyCast and Isadora work together to make your vision a reality.

This integration not only amplifies the creative potential of your projects but also streamlines the production process. With Isadora’s intuitive interface and IzzyCast’s reliable streaming, you can focus more on the artistic aspects of your work and less on the technical details. The synergy between IzzyCast and Isadora provides a flexible and dynamic platform that adapts to your creative needs, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with audiovisual media and live performance. With full Isadora integration, IzzyCast is transforming the landscape of remote performance and interactive media, offering unparalleled creative flexibility and control.