Deliver high-definition, real-time video streaming, optimized for smooth delivery. Ideal for live events, interviews, and interactive shows.

IzzyCast’s Real-Time HD Streaming delivers reliable peer-to-peer, high-definition video audio, and data, making it perfect for a wide range of live events, interviews, and interactive shows. With its real-time delivery, viewers can watch and interact as events unfold, providing an immediate and engaging experience. IzzyCast video streaming performs smoothly across various network conditions, ensuring that your audience enjoys a continuous and buffer-free viewing experience, no matter where they are.

Whether you’re directing a remote theatrical performance, hosting a webinar, or engaging in a live Q&A, IzzyCast offers a uniquely versatile solution that can be adapted to your needs. Isadora’s user-friendly interface and our IzzyCast template files make remote performance accessible, allowing creators, educators, and broadcasters to focus on delivering compelling content. By combining the immediacy of peer-to-peer live streaming with HD quality, IzzyCast offers a dynamic video streaming toolkit that connects you to your audience.