Utilize the data channel to transmit DMX lighting control, VISCA camera control, and other essential control data. Enhance the professionalism and dynamic nature of your broadcasts.
IzzyCast’s robust data channel allows you to elevate the professional and dynamic nature of your broadcasts by transmitting essential data seamlessly. In its simplest form, this can be used to create a shared chat function to allow everyone in the IzzyCast Session to communicate non-verbally, allowing your talent to be put on standby before they go live, ask questions, and letting them communicate with your team about technical issues in case of emergency. The ability to transmit data that can be used for control is a feature which is particularly beneficial for productions that require precise coordination and manipulation of various elements, such as lighting and camera movements.

With the ability to transmit DMX lighting control, you can orchestrate complex lighting setups, creating the perfect mood and ambiance for your broadcasts or live performances. Similarly, sending VISCA camera control commands through the data channel enables smooth and precise camera operations, including making live adjustments to pan/tilt/zoom, switching between presets, and more. With some clever Isadora programming and hardware prep ahead of time, you could even ship a premade kit to your talent with assembly instructions, lights, a USB-DMX interface, one or more PTZ cameras, a mic, abd a computer pre-configured to open your showfile on startup; after your talent does some simple setup, they will just need to turn on the computer and hit a “GO” button in the file, after which you’ll have complete control over their audio, video, and lighting setup and will be able to make adjustments remotely. This level of control is invaluable for broadcasters looking to produce high-quality content with a dynamic and engaging visual appeal.

Whether you’re managing a multi-camera live event, a theatrical performance, or an interactive show, IzzyCast’s data channel provides the advanced remote control you need to create an exceptional viewing experience.