With unlimited mapping slices and groupings, Isadora’s projection mapping tool IzzyMap gives you incredible opportunities to create complex mappings. Interactive control of IzzyMap’s attributes allow real-time motion graphics to become part of your projection mapping designs.

Isadora’s built-in projection mapping tool called IzzyMap offers unlimited mapping slices and groupings so that you can organize your projection mapping the way you want it.
IzzyMap goes beyond other video mapping tools because it offers interactive control of mapping attributes, allowing real-time motion graphics to become part of your design. By taking control of these parameters during your show, slices and masking can be layered and composited within each instance of IzzyMap, and multiple instances of IzzyMap allow your mappings to be layered and combined in endless ways.
Because IzzyMap is an integral part of the video workflow in Isadora, its output can even become a source for further processing. This feature allows IzzyMap to become a powerful tool in creative compositing—your interactively controlled mapping can be looped back as a source to create feedback loops, complex fractals, and many more expressive video compositions.