Remote Performance

Isadora’s special blend of real-time video processing, its ability to send or receive video to/from other applications, and its programmable logic make it the perfect tool for creating remote performances.

The global pandemic has forced many of us to attempt the creation of remote performance. Isadora’s core ability to manipulate numerous channels of video is complimented by special modules that help you interface with video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype. Combined, these features turn Isadora into a tool that facilitates artful, robust explorations of remote performance scenarios.

For example, Isadora’s Screen Capture actor allows you to turn any portion of any window on your computer screen into a live feed—perfect for capturing individual performers from a Zoom gallery view. Thanks to Skype’s recent addition of NDI video streaming technology, our NDI Watcher actor allows you to bring each Skype participant into Isadora as an individual live feed. Need to livestream using OBS/Open Broadcaster Software? No problem: Just turn on Syphon/Spout output for your Stage and route it into OBS using OBS’s Syphon/Spout plugins.

When you combine actors like those above with Isadora’s programmable logic and ability to output its Stage via Syphon, Spout, or NDI, you end up with an incredibly powerful tool that creates the chance to discover new ways of performing when performers or actors are geographically separated.