Trigger Once!

Have you ever wanted to send a trigger and then block all the other triggers? I.E: Just Trigger Once!


Ever wanted to receive a trigger from an Arduino (or similar) and then stop all other triggers for X amount of time? Or decide to open the gate again manually? Well, this is for you.


I do a lot of install work and interactive stuff which means I want something to trigger and then block and ignore all the incoming triggers until X amount of time, or when a video/audio file finishes and then automatically open the gate again.


If this rings a bell with you? Then this actor is for you.


1) “Trigger” only sends a “Trigger out” once – and will ignore everything else forever.

2) Click “Reset” to manually open the gate. This could be connected to a sensor, keyboard watcher, MIDI controller to anything.

3) If you choose a “Reset Time” the first trigger will “Trigger out” and then wait until the X amount of seconds you decided.

4) The “Gate Reset” is a visual aid to show you how long is left in % until the gate re-opens.



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April 05 2023
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April 05 2023
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    skulpture onMay 25, 2023 at10:33 said:

    Let me know if this has been of any use to you. Maybe you have developed it or edited it – I would love to see how this evolves.