ADD-ONS by skulpture

Trigger Once! – User Actor

Have you ever wanted to send a trigger and then block all the other triggers? I.E: Just Trigger Once!   Ever wanted to receive a trigger from an Arduino (or similar) and then stop all other triggers for X amount of time? Or decide to open the gate again manually? Well, this is for you.   I do a lot of install work and interactive stuff which means I want something to trigger and then block and ignore all the incoming triggers until X amount of time, or when a video/audio file finishes and then automatically open the gate again.   If this rings a bell with you? Then this actor is for you.   1) "Trigger" only sends a "Trigger out" once - and will ignore everything else forever. 2) Click "Reset" to manually open the gate. This could be connected to a sensor, keyboard watcher, MIDI controller to anything. 3) If you choose a "Reset Time" the first trigger will "Trigger out" and then wait until the X amount of seconds you decided. 4) The "Gate Reset" is a visual aid to show you how long is left in % until the gate re-opens.   Enjoy!

Free Clouds patch – Patch

I made a simple patch that used clipart style 'cardboard' clouds to float across the screen. You can change the images to anything you want. This a nice and simple patch but it might be interesting for someone who is learning.

Traktor Pro 3 – DJ Sync – User Actor

This actor takes MIDI data from native Instruments Traktor Pro 3 software and converts it into a number piece of useful information, such as tap tempo, mixer x-fade position, track volume positions, filter position and dry/wet master position. It uses the 'Real-Time Watcher' actor to take a 'beat' from the DJ software. You need to enable MIDI in on Port 1 (or change it if required) Tutorial here: Note: This does require a manual set up at the Dj software end. Please contact me for help if you need help.