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About Syphon Virtual Webcam

Syphon Virtual Webcam is a free app, created for you by TroikaTronix/Isadora, that allows you to send a Syphon video stream to a compatible application that supports video input from a webcam. It relies on the Open Broadcasting System (OBS) Virtual Webcam driver first implemented by John Boiles.

Installation: Users with OBS v26.1 or Later

If you have installed OBS v26.1 or later, you can install the latest OBS Virtual Webcam driver by opening OBS and choosing Help > Install OBS Virtual Webcam. Please note that you cannot use Syphon Virtual Webcam while OBS’s virtual webcam output is running, i.e., after choosing Start Virtual Webcam; trying to do this may lead to unpredictable results including crashes.

Installation: Users with OBS Versions Earlier than 26.1 or without OBS Installed At All

If you have not installed OBS (or have installed a version of OBS before v26.1) then Syphon Virtual Camera will automatically guide you through the process of downloading and installing the standalone OBS Virtual Webcam driver from John Boiles’ GitHub Repository.

Using Syphon Virtual Webcam

To use Syphon Virtual Webcam, simply install the application and double-click it. The first time you use it, you’ll be guided to download an open source virtual webcam driver created for OBS (Open Broadcasting System). After that, simply:

  1. Ensure your Syphon source is running.
  2. Select your Syphon source using the popup menu in the main window.
  3. Start the app that will receive a signal from the virtual webcam
  4. Choose “OBS Virtual Camera” as the webcam source
  5. Click the “Mirror” checkbox if you need to flip the image horizontally.

If you don’t see “OBS Virtual Webcam” in the list of webcams, then your app may not be compatible with virtual webcams. Check the list of applications compatible with OBS Virtual Webcam.

We have a short video tutorial that takes you through the entire process.

If you have questions or need help with this plugin, please post them to this thread in our forum.

The full source code is available on our GitHub page.


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