SRT Subtitle Player

Plays a subtitle/caption file stored in the SRT format.

Whenever a new timecode value is received at the ‘time’ input, this actor will send the subtitle/caption for that timecode location to the text output. You can then connect that text output to a Text Draw actor to generate visual subtitles for a movie.

Any timecode source can be used for the ‘time’ input, but most often you would use the ‘position’ output of a Movie Player after switching the Movie Player to use timecode. (To do this, right-click the Movie Player actor and choose “Use Timecode” from the popup menu.)

The SRT Subtitle Player actor assumes that the SRT file is stored in UTF-8 format; it does not do automatic character set detection. If your SRT file is stored using another character set, you can use the free Aegisub software available on GitHub to convert it to UTF-8.

Apple silicon (ARM/M1)

The macOS version of this plugin has been compiled to run natively on both Intel-based and Apple silicon based computers.

For Isadora
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October 13 2021
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