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This emulation of the legendary Rutt/Etra Video hardware video synthesizer would not exist except for the creativity of Bill Etra, who passed away in 2016.  He was survived by his partner Roz who is disabled, lives on a fixed income, and has no surviving family to help her. (Learn more about Bill and his partner Roz’s story  here.) But, right now, you can make a difference in Roz’s life by making a donation to help support her via the donate button below maintained by the plugin’s creator Vade. Please contribute to the memory of a true pioneer.


The v002 Rutt-Etra plugin by Vade is an emulation of the legendary Rutt/Etra Video hardware video synthesizer created by Bill Etra and Steve Rutt. It modulates the scanlines or points that make up a video stream based on the brightness of the source or of another video stream. The results are beautifully complex as was the original Rutt Etra. Here’s an example of an eye modulated by the Rutt Etra plugin.



There are quite a few inputs on this plugin, and you should make sure to experiment with them all. But the most important when you’re beginning are as follows:


  • draw-mode: controls the method used to draw the modulated image.
  • z-extrude: the distance that the scanlines or points that make up the original will be modulated based on the brightness of the displace image. (If no video stream is connected to the displace input, then the source image is used to displace itself)
  • z-translate:  How the image is translated towards or away from the 3D camera along the z-axis. The z-translate should generally be negative; otherwise, you may not see the image. If you don’t see an image, the first thing to try is to make the z-translate more negative.
  • wire frame size: The thickness of the scanlines or points used to render the final image.



  • This is a 64-bit plugin for Isadora 3 only. You can get the Isadora 2 version by clicking here.
  • Unzip the download and open the folder for your platform (i.e., Macintosh or Windows) • Choose Help > Open Plugin Folder > TroikaTronix Actor Plugins to open the external plugins folder on your computer.
  • Drag the plugin to the TroikaTronix Actor Plugins folder opened above
  • Restart Isadora 3

The source code for this plugin can be found on GitHub.

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