Pay me Actor

This is a funny but sometimes useful User Actor:

Sometimes you help people out and write a quick and dirty patch for free, so they can test their idea.
But you don’t want them to tour with it and earn money from your work.

Than this actor is perfect. After a set time on all the screens a text will appear. If they still want to use it they will have to contact you to get rid of it.

For Isadora
2.6.1, 3.x
Actor version(s)
June 07 2020
last updated
August 14 2020
103.97 KB
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  • Woland on August 14, 2020 at 12:46 said:

    This is hilarious XD
    Is there any chance you could include the Isadora 3 version of the patch, as well as the User Actor itself for both Isadora 2 & 3 in a new upload? This seems to just be the Isadora 2 file.