ADD-ONS by gertjanb

Smooth Random – User Actor

This Small little actor fades between random values I have used this in multiple projects to animate objects.   The output can be curved. The rate input is the time it takes to go from 0 to 100 (or from the min to the max) When the distance between the values is smaller the speed is lowered.   When an object is connected, this makes sure the object is moving at a constant speed.

Cue System – User Actor

This is a system I've been using for a lot of years now. This allows me to do complex cue's inside of the scene.  

Pay me Actor – Patch

This is a funny but sometimes useful User Actor: Sometimes you help people out and write a quick and dirty patch for free, so they can test their idea. But you don't want them to tour with it and earn money from your work. Than this actor is perfect. After a set time on all the screens a text will appear. If they still want to use it they will have to contact you to get rid of it.