OpenNI Tracker

The OpenNI Tracker allows Isadora to capture a depth map image, and to do body/skeleton tracking, using depth map cameras like the Kinect v1, Orbbec Astra and Intel Realsense.

This bundle includes:

OpenNI Tracker v0.9.8b4
Skeleton Decoder v0.9.3
Skeleton Visualizer v0.9.1

Using this Add-On on Apple Silicon (ARM/M1) Based Macs

If want to use this actor on an Apple Silicon (ARM/M1) based Mac with Isadora 3.1 or later, you’ll have to enable Intel emulation (Rosetta) mode on the Isadora application.

Public Beta

This actor is in public beta. There may be bugs that affect performance and/or lead to crashes. Because of this, we do not recommend using this actor for public performances or installations. If you do choose to use this beta version for such performances, you do so at your own risk.

Compatible Cameras

This plugin is currently compatible with the Kinect v2 (Kinect for Xbox One) , Kinect v1 (Kinect for Xbox 360, Models 1414 and 1473), the Orbbec Astra, and the Intel Realsense D435.

Important: Read the “Read Me” Files!

Two “read me” files are included with this download.

Everyone must read the file called “READ ME – Installing the Tracker Plugins.rtf”.

If you are using an Orbbec Astra, you must also read “READ ME – Body Tracking with Orbbec Astra + Kinect 2”.


You find the tutorial for the OpenNI Tracker here:

You can also go for a “deep dive” with Isadora’s creator by watching Isadora Guru Session #13: Body Tracking with Depth Cameras

For Isadora
Actor version(s)
February 18 2020
111.43 MB (Windows), 118.90 MB (Mac)
727 (Windows), 835 (Mac)
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  • bonemap on February 18, 2020 at 17:29 said:

    Great to see this plugin out in the world! I highly recommend looking for the companion tutorial. It includes very useful information and excellent underlying templates for skeleton tracking.