DX – JS – Multi Toggle

Easily toggle multiple outputs between On and Off states.

This user actor contains a Javascript you can easily extend to support up to 99 toggle values. By default the User Actor is setup as a multi toggle of 10 values, but you can use it for 10 or less values by setting the group count input.

Two additional features are included.

  1. If you input a value of Zero, all outputs are set to Off
  2. If you input a value greater than the group count input, then all outputs are set to On

Example: if the group count is set to 5, an input value of Zero will set the first 5 outputs to Off, if an input value of 1 thru 5 is received then the corresponding output will be set to On and all others to Off, if a value greater than 5 is input all outputs will be set to On.

A zip file contains the User Actor and an example file showing the above group of 5 setup as well as how to expand the JS actor contained to toggle up to 99 outputs.

For Isadora
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November 11 2021
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January 01 1970
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