DX – Advanced Envelope Scrubber

The Advanced Envelope Scrubber actor provides a powerful ‘timeline’ tool that handles the display of numerous child scenes over time.

It is a sort of framework for working with sequences of scenes. The child scenes are run from a Parents’ position (as %), making it is very easy to link the controls to either Video or Audio playback. Originally designed to allow child scenes to be sequenced to a Parent scene playing a long audio file.

The attached ZIP file contains both the User Actor and an example file that plays through two groups of scenes. Each Parent scene has a timer that provides a value ranging 0-100 much like the position output of a Movie Player.
(My Timecode tools provide User Actors which make it easy to integrate with the use of Timecode in the Movie Player)


  • Attack, Sustain and Release values
  • Visual graphing of the envelope for easier editing
  • Curves can be assigned for each segment of the envelope
  • Child scenes can use the Parents scene intensity for crossfades
  • Works well with Layering Mode ‘Ungrouped’ for advanced video compositing


  • Part of the graphing feature uses the Grapher addon, but the basic graph and visualization of the envelope work without it.



For Isadora
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January 18 2022
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