Circular Path by bonemap

Bonemap’s Circular Path is an Isadora 3 (3.02 + ) user actor macro that provides the X and Y (vertical and Horizontal) coordinates to describe a circular path. The parameters include Reverse, Radius and Rotation Frequency. This is an example patch that demonstrates the user actor macro. The second part of the patch provides a Javascript (JS) option for X, Y circular motion with parameters for: Amplitude, Frequency, Vertical and Horizontal aspect ratios.

For Isadora
Actor version(s)
June 05 2019
last updated
October 27 2021
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    skulpture onJune 17, 2019 at10:42 said:

    Wow – love this!

    Woland onAugust 14, 2020 at12:39 said:

    This is awesome. My one note is that the download seems to include a zip file within the zip file which somehow does the Russian Nesting Doll thing where each zip you unzip contains another zip file. It might be best to re-upload a new zip with just the User Actor and example file.

    bonemap onAugust 19, 2020 at5:15 said:

    Hi Woland,
    Thank you for your note. I have deposited a new patch file for internal moderation. I hope it provides better accessibility this time.