ADD-ONS by bonemap

JS text – Matching, splitting, joining – Patch

This JavaScript example patch has five scenes. Each scene in the patch deals with a number of methods and provides examples for typical text based task useful when working with text based data sources e.g. XML, HTTP, JSON. Scene 1: Searching or matching text Scene 2: Searching or matching multiple text simultaneously Scene 3: Joining text Scene 4: Splitting text Scene 5: Replacing text

Animate a Shape to follow Live Drawing – Patch

Animate a 'Shapes' actor output that follows and orients to a Stage Mouse Watcher and Live Drawing. For example an animated arrow head.

Sentence clouds & paragraph trails – Patch

This patch is programmed to read an external text file through a 'Data Array' actor and format the words into a visual grid that can then be used by a '3D Particles' actor to form sentence clouds or paragraph trails. The word grid (once completed) is then captured as a picture into the media bin and made available to the particles actor.   In the download there are example text files with short paragraphs. The source external text file has been formatted with single word line entries - all up about 225 words (this was formatted externally using TextEdit software). The text file is read into Isadora with a Data Array actor and formatted into a 15 x 15 grid on a Virtual Stage via a Text Draw actor. The grid coordinates are provided by another external text file and read sequentially by another Data Array actor into the Text Draw actor. The grid coordinates have been generated by MeshLab software. A Counter actor then delivers each word to the Text Draw actor as its position is being provided by the gird coordinates. A feedback loop is created by feeding the Virtual Stage back into the Text Draw actor with a Get Stage Image actor, thus a visual grid of words is constructed on the Virtual Stage. This word grid is now a sprite sheet that can then be used by a 3D particles actor to deliver each section of the grid to individual particles as they are emitted. The Virtual Stage is captured as an image with the 'Capture Stage to Image' actor and the capture process is halted and deactivated once the image file appears in the media bin. This new image asset is accessed by the '3D particles' actor to form the visual display and cycle through the word grid delivering each word to an individual particle as it is emitted.

Circular Path by bonemap – Patch

Bonemap's Circular Path is an Isadora 3 (3.02 + ) user actor macro that provides the X and Y (vertical and Horizontal) coordinates to describe a circular path. The parameters include Reverse, Radius and Rotation Frequency. This is an example patch that demonstrates the user actor macro. The second part of the patch provides a Javascript (JS) option for X, Y circular motion with parameters for: Amplitude, Frequency, Vertical and Horizontal aspect ratios.

Collision Physics Javascript Patch – Patch

Basic Javascript Physics simulator...   A demonstration patch that has Javascript collision detection as its core.   Javascript starting code sourced from Isadora user @Marci and the following 2015 Isadora Forum thread:   the following original code sources are referenced:   the collision detection is just between the objects and the bounds of "the world".   Packaged as a demonstration patch, updated with additional gravity and world parameters by bonemap Sept 2021    

Random Number Display – Patch

Lottery or Bingo simulator with a colourful display. Do you need a random number generator for your lottery or bingo game? Perhaps you want to generate numbers as a way to encrypt a passcode. This random number generator provides five different sources for random numbers each with its own scene and method in Isadora. 10 numbers are generated from a field of 100 using the keyboard 'g' press. NOTE! some scenes require the JSON Parser plugin which can be found here:  

Bonemap – Audio Frequency 7 Band Analysis – Patch

Audio Frequency Analysis User Actor and demonstration patch Frequency Range - Frequency Values Sub-bass 20 to 60 Hz Bass 60 to 250 Hz Low midrange 250 to 500 Hz Midrange 500 Hz to 2 kHz Upper midrange 2 to 4 kHz Presence 4 to 6 kHz Brilliance 6 to 20 kHz More information available inside the user actor '7 Band Audio Frequency Analysis'. The patch demonstrates a user module that amalgamates numerous 3D Line actors to build an audio generative pattern.

OpenNi Line Puppet – Patch

Line Puppet for OpenNI Tracker A Skeleton Decoder action figure that uses multiple '3D Lines'. Paired with the OpenNI Tracker module, Line Puppet provides a modifiable figure that moves with depth camera skeleton tracking data. The figure is constructed in two halves with colour and line size parameters. Set the OpenNI Tracker parameter for 'skeleton scale' to 'cm' for expected scaling.

Floating Tunnels by bonemap – Patch

Floating Tunnels by Bonemap is an Isadora 3 video user actor macro. It is a recursive pattern module, as the name suggests, it generates a representation of a floating tunnel. There are parameters for colour (hue range), sine and pulse frequency. It accepts a video texture. It has a background colour parameter that can be on or off.

Two Point Bezier Shape – OpenGL Shader

A GLSL actor that provides the X and Y uniform variables for a Bezier shape along two points on a diagonal. Original bezier function by Golan Levin and Collaborators. Original Author @kyndinfo - 2016. Cubic Bezier through two points. Available at Adapted for Isadora by Bonemap 2020