Within Isadora, over 250 basic building blocks – called actors – are at your fingertips. Each actor has a unique function, from receiving a MIDI message to warping video imagery. By connecting these actors together, you can accomplish nearly any goal, from simply playing a video to creating a unique interactive system that responds to a live performer.

What distinguishes Isadora is its easy-to-learn user interface. Its unparalleled environment allows users to exercise ultimate creative control while simultaneously engaging in an organic and playful process of discovery.

General Features
  • Real time Video Processing Modules
    Choose from an incredible selection of video effects modules built into Isadora. Extend your video processing possibilities with our free FreeFrame video plugins. Or, add the optional Core Video upgrade (Mac OS X only) and your Quartz Composer patches instantly become Isadora modules.
  • Online Tutorials
    Our ten online video tutorials will quickly allow you to use the program effectively
  • A Manual That’s Actually Useful
    Our manual provides a comprehensive look into every aspect of the program, including tips on making the most of your machine
  • Control Panels
    Create your own, custom user interface, including Dials, Radio Buttons, Sliders, and more. You can even use your own graphics to customize the look of the various controls.
  • Custom User Actors
    Group together several modules into a single unit to be saved for use in other patches or shared with other users.
  • Snapshot Feature
    Store and instantly recall every setting within a patch; invaluable for VJs.
Output Features
  • Multiple Ways to Output Video
    Isadora is primarily used to render in real-time to an external monitor or video projector. But you can also record Isadora’s output to a movie, or, on Mac OS X only, send the output to a DV camera or a super high-quality Black Magic video card.
  • Instant Compositing
    Resize and composite multiple video images quickly and easily. This feature is invaluable when adapting a live performance to new theaters while on tour.
  • Up to Six Independent Outputs
    With a fast desktop computer and multiple video cards, project up to six independent images on six different surfaces from a single patch.
  • Multi-Channel Sound Output
    Send audio to a host of Core Audio compliant audio devices for high quality, multi-channel audio output. (MacOS X only).
  • Record Output
    Record your work to a QuickTime movie with using our non-real-time rendering feature for high resolution output and perfect frame rates.
Interactivity Features
  • Live Video & Sound Input
    Isadora accepts up to four simultaneous live video and/or audio inputs
  • MIDI
    Explore a full complement of MIDI input and output modules.
  • Open Sound Control Support
    Implement the fast, high-resolution communications protocol of OSC. With OSC, Isadora can easily speak with numerous devices and other applications like OSCulator, Pd, MAX and others.
  • Serial Input/Output
    Send commands to external that can receive commands via a serial port, including video projectors, video mixers and many other devices. (Requires an external RS-232 interface.)

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