Francis Ford Coppola uses Isadora for Interactive Film Project

Legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola will use Isadora to expand cinematic viewing into an interactive, live experience with his new film, Twixt.

Widely acknowledged as one of Hollywood’s most innovative and influential film directors, Francis Ford Coppola plans to use Isadora® as the media server for the live version of his new film TWIXT.

During a “dress rehearsal” at Comic Con On July 23rd, he demonstrated how he intends to use Isadora to interactively select clips and “remix” the movie in front of a live audience during a multi-city tour.

Describing his vision for the TWIXT project in USA Today, Coppola said: “Because cinema is now electronic and digital, it is no longer a long strip of celluloid that has to go the way it was determined… Because a film is made up of digital files it means the director, if he were there and wanted to take the time to go to each show, he could essentially change the experience to suit the audience.”

Isadora’s creator Mark Coniglio has been working closely with the team at Coppola’s studio American Zoetrope to develop specific new functionality to facilitate the TWIXT project. These new features will appear publicly in the upcoming Isadora Pro, which is scheduled for released in November 2011.

You can read about more about Coppola’s presentation at

USA Today

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