Video Switcher User Actor & Example File

The Video Switcher patch gives you a show-ready interface to control and live-mix up to 4 video sources with audio. Use it as is, or customize the interface to your needs. The download also comes with a Video Switcher User Actor which you can bring into your own patches.


The example file relies on video files that exceed the upload limit here, so follow this Dropbox link to download it instead:

Percentage to Timecode User Actor & Example File

Sometimes you need both percentage-based and timecode-based control of the same Movie Player actor but end up being forced to pick one or the other. Never compromise again with the Percentage to Timecode User Actor! Keep your Movie Player actor in timecode mode and connect this User Actor to its position input for percentage-based control. This allows you to, for example, use a Slider control to scrub through a Movie Player actor that’s in timecode mode.


The example file for this relies on videos that exceed the upload limit for this page, but you can download it from Dropbox:

Thru User Actors & Example File

These 16 User Actors (all for different input/output property settings and data types) can act as mobile connection hubs for many outputs and inputs that are all going to or coming from the same place. They are great for daisy-chaining, building in a modular way, consolidating your Control IDS to make it easier to re-use large parts of an Isadora Patch in new files, serving as placeholders, and can allow you to experiment with upstream data without having to re-draw downstream connections every time you change an actor.

Barcro RLM W12 Serial Control

Introducing the Barco RLM W12 Serial Control Patch:


With the Barco RLM W12 Serial Control patch, you gain limited control over your projector via a serial cable connection. Not only can you manage essential projector functions, but you also receive real-time status updates for the control buttons and individual lamp hours.


Key Features:


1. Precise Projector Control:

– Seamlessly control your projector’s functions through a reliable serial connection.


2. Real-Time Status Updates:

– Stay informed with live status updates for control buttons and lamp hours for each lamp, ensuring you’re always in the know.


3. Safety Measures:

– Prevent accidental power-off and lens mid-position commands with a 2-second press-and-hold requirement for these critical functions.


4. Factory Reset Capability:

– Easily execute a factory reset command by pressing the “r” button and holding the factory reset button for 2 seconds.

Working With the Cue List Editor and Cue Sheets: Example File

Isadora 3.2.6 includes numerous enhancements to the Cue Sheet and Cue Sheet Editor. It is highly recommended you update to at least 3.2.6 before working with this file.

This example file accompanies the mini-tutorial on Youtube which introduces you to these convenient tools and how to work with them to add sequential cues to any of your Isadora scenes adding another level of control to your Isadora workflow.

A Quick-start mini-tutorial that walks you through this example file is available on Youtube.