ZoomOSC User Actors & Template File

User Actors and a template file for working with Liminal Entertainment Technologies’ software ZoomOSC. These User Actors and this Isadora template file aim to make it as easy as possible to get up and running with ZoomOSC. If you’ve already set up OSC communication between Isadora and ZoomOSC by changing the required settings in ZoomOSC, then this file is plug-and-play (meaning it should work immediately without any adjustments or setup on the Isadora side).

Changelog v10 (2021-12-14):

  1. Added a Scene called “Example Functions” that outlines some basic functions that can be performed with the User Actors.
  2. Added a Scene called “Chat Commands” that outlines how to create chat commands.
  3. There are two new User Actors in the User Actors folder: “Chat Command” and “Chat Command Settings”.
  4. Moved the “Liminal 48 Zoom Selector” to its own Isadora file.

Changelog v8 (2021-12-1):

  1. Note: If you already have the User Actors in your Global User Actors Folder, trash your current version of the “Chat Parser” and “Chatbot Response” User Actors and get the new ones from this download.
  2. Simplified the setup by combining the four necessary setup User Actors into a new User Actor “ZoomOSC Setup”. (If you want to use this User Actor in other files, you’ll need to put it into your Global User Actor Folder.)
  3. Updated the instructions slightly in the “Show Template” Scene.
  4. Added a new example Scene “Marco Polo Chatbot”.
  5. Fixed a parsing bug in the Chat Parser User Actor.
  6. Fixed a parsing bug in the Chatbot Response User Actor.
  7. Added a description of the 3-Value Comparator inside the User Actor and the “Javascript (User Actors)” Scene.
  8. Added explanations on how to do custom settings for OSC Channels, UDP Addresses, and Ports in the “Setup (User Actors)” Scene (scroll down).

Changelog v7 (2021-11-15):

  1. Added a “ZoomOSC Setup” Scene + Screenshot of ZoomOSC Settings
  2. Added an example chat-parsing Scene
  3. Added all User Actors in a folder
For Isadora
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November 18 2021
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June 28 2022
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