Snowperson User Actor

I created this User Actor in a futile attempt to distract myself from the stifling Berlin summer heat. Since this User Actor failed to do anything about the temperature, hopefully someone will find it to be an interesting example of how to use Shapes actors to create simple characters and animations. The use of the 3D Particles actor to create snow also serves as a cursory example of how to use Isadora actors to create simple weather animations that, unlike videos of weather, can play infinitely without the need to worry about disguising a loop point.

The download contains the User Actor and a simple example file.

The first Scene of the example file contains one instance of the User Actor with default settings which creates a snowperson at the center of the screen with continuous snowfall.

The second Scene of the example file contains four instances of the User Actor adjusted to make a little snow person family that all blink in a randomized order at random intervals.

For Isadora
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June 28 2022
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June 28 2022
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