JavaScript Sequential Calculator

Ever have a sequence of shapes or images that you need to space evenly across the screen, or have a number of visual elements that need their position to be based on the position of the previous visual element in the sequence? If so, this JavaScript Sequential Calculator Macro will make your life much easier, since it’ll allow you to adjust the position of everything in the sequence or the spacing between them.

I’ve included a simple example patch that shows how this can be used to space three shapes easily and adjust them all as a group.

Note: Since you need to set the number of outputs on the Javascript actor for this to work, it can’t actually be part of a User Actor or Macro. Therefore I just put it into a Macro so that it can be saved as a Macro, searched for easily, then copy-pasted out of the Macro when it is needed.

JavaScript code credit goes to Gertjan Biasino:

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June 08 2022
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