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An Isadora User Actor, Isadora Patch, and OSCulator file that allows control of Isadora via OSC using a Wii Remote. OSCulator is a Mac-only software that costs $20 USD and, among other things, allows you to use a Wii Remote as a wireless controller by taking the data collected from the Wii Remote and transmitting it via OSC or MIDI to other software on your computer. When paired with Isadora, it allows you to use the Wii Remote as an interactive controller/data source for anything inside your Isadora Patch. CHANGELOG v3 – 2022-05-31

  1. Updated the Wii Remote User Actor to allow the first OSC Channel to be set (so it’s easier to move to different files)
  2. Gave the Wii Remote User Actor a new input and four new outputs that give information about the chosen item (OSC channel, OSC address, function, location of button).
  3. Added a Comment to the first Scene that explains how the Wii Remote User Actor works.
  4. Added a Comment to the first Scene that explains how to use the Wii Remote User Actor with a file that isn’t the example file (and therefore doesn’t already have the OSC addresses setup).
  5. Created a User Actor for each of the three Logic examples in the second Scene (and added them to the download).
  6. Organized and labeled the OSC Multi Listeners better in the third Scene.
  7. Added screenshots of the OSCulator settings to the download.
  8. Added a text file with the OSCulator OSC addresses.

v2 – 2020-11-04

  1. Changed the OSCulator file so that it uses port 8001 instead of port 8000 so that it does not conflict with ZoomOSC.
  2. Added three examples of how I use the Wiimote.
  3. One set of examples that trigger if the chosen button is pressed and released 3x within the span of 1 second.
  4. One set of examples that prevents you from triggering things with the “GO” button unless the “primer” button held down.
  5. One set of examples where accelerometer data is only allowed to pass through when a specific button is held down.
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November 03 2020
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June 28 2022
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