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Countdown to Date – Patch

You can select any date in the future and start a countdown in days, hours ,minutes and seconds or in years, days, hours, minutes and seconds. This user actor was made with JavaScript.

Decimal to binary and hexadecimal converter – User Actor

With this user actor you can convert a decimal number to a binary or hexadecimal value. This user actor is using javascript.

MidiLearn – User Actor

The midiLearn user actor locks to the first midi signal coming in and shows on the output side what type (control, note on/off) was triggered. In January 2010 Graham Thorne (aka Skulpture) started with the first MidiLearn actor that simply took the first note ON and locked it to that note. This encouraged me and I expanded its features with a reset function, control detection, switching between note ON and OFF etc. We both hope you have fun with it.

TimerTool – User Actor

Start a timer or a countdown? Want to see your movie position in seconds? TimerTool outputs your movie position in seconds and shows it as video or number, you can choose to show the time passed or the time left of the movie. Or just start a timer with a trigger and output it as movie or number, or do the opposite type in a number in seconds to start a countdown.