ADD-ONS by celio

Loop movie V2 – Patch

V2 of LOOP MOVIE USER ACTOR (added position slider and MIDI command for all controls) This user actor allows you to loop movie on fly and change it as you want with keyboard, Midi or OSC. You could too move into position of loop with a slider (Midi or OSC) Play : spacebar Pause : p Stop : s loop start : I (choose the first point of loop) loop end : o (choose the final point of loop) loop all movie : a (release first and final point of loop to continue playing movie) loop enable on : l (active loop enable - who is active by default) loop enable of : n (if you want to read a part of movie or all the movie and automatically stop it) you could choose IP and PORT for touch osc. you could choose MIDI PORT and CHANNEL for your Controller and choose Midi Note and Midi CC for all controls. Zip contains : User actor, loop movie V2.izz to have the stream setup for touch OSC and two layer for touch OSC for all this control (for iPad and iPhone) including volume and position of movie. If you have any question you could contact me: celio.noel at

Follow Spot – Patch

This user actor is for simulate a follow spot with shapes actor. It works with touch osc and you could choose the shapes, zoom, intensity, width, Height, Blur, RGB, spin ON and OFF and move the sapes with an XY controller. Inside the .zip you have: the user actor one .izz to test it and have the correct stream setup the layer for touch osc (iPad version).

Projector mapping Touch OSC – User Actor

This user actor is for mapping a rectangle with touch osc. You could adjust 4 Rectangle Point (offset x and y) and reset it. Inside the .zip you have : the user actor one .izz to test it and have the correct stream setup two layer for touch osc (One for iPad and one for iPhone)