Recommended Software & Hardware

Multi-Screen Projection
  • Matrox Triple-Head-2-Go/Dual-Head-2-Go: This is an essential tool allows you to connect up to three separate video projectors to a single laptop computer. Isadora has built-in support for both models; see the Isadora manual for detailed information. (Also, make sure to use their compatibility tool before buying, to ensure you get the right model for your hardware.)
Sensory Hardware
  • OSCulator is great software that will read data from up to four Nintendo Wii Controllers and send the data to Isadora via Open Sound Control or MIDI.
  • Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino can communicate with Isadora through Isadora’s serial input/output ports. Because of its popularity, there is a lot of information on the web about this device.
  • ICubeX from Infusion Systems converts input from a wide variety of sensors (sliders, buttons, flex, pressure, distance, and more) into MIDI messages that can be used to control Isadora.
  • MidiTron, by Eric Singer, is an inexpensive board that converts analog input from various types of sensors into MIDI messages for use within Isadora.
  • MIDISense, by Limor Fried, is an open-source platform, offering inexpensive, custom analog-to-MIDI boards.
  • DIY: Interested in creating your own sensory hardware? Take a look at NYU’s marvelous Physical Computing Page.
Sensory Software
  • NI Mate provides real-time motion capture using the XBox Kinect camera. Data from NI Mate can easily be sent to Isadora via Open Sound Control (OSC).
  • TouchOSC is a wonderful touch-screen interface for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Simple, clean and clear, we have personally relied on this tool for numerous performances. Data from TouchOSC can easily be sent to Isadora via Open Sound Control (OSC).
DMX Input/Output
  • LanBoxLC from CDS advanced technology is an innovative, powerful controller for professional lighting systems that use the DMX protocol. Isadora features special actors that can directly control the LanBox LC over a local area network, via serial output, or via MIDI. Download information and examples. [Example Isadora File for the LanBox]
  • DMX USB Pro from ENTTEC is an inexpensive device that adds DMX input or output to Isadora. Please refer to the example patches to see how to use Isadora with this device. [Example Isadora File for ENTTEC]
  • DMX King features several DMX products, including several that emulate the DMX USB Pro. (See the DMX USB Pro item above for example patches.)
Projector Accessories
  • DMX Controlled Projector Shutters: In live performances, preventing the emanation of light from your video projector can be important. We have personally used a DMX controllable projector shutter from Mads Wahlberg with great success. Highly recommended. They also make several other interesting devices that can be controlled with DMX.

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