Volume Discounts

You will automatically receive a volume discount when you purchase more than one Isadora license in a single order.

Academic Discounts

There are academic discounts available to faculty, staff and students at recognized academic institutions. The academic discount for a single seat license is US$50. There are additional volume discounts when you purchase more than one license. The current pricing for Isadora with the volume and or academic discounts can be seen on our pricing page.

Purchase Orders – VERY IMPORTANT!!!

The company that hosts our online store ( does not accept purchase orders. Because of this, if you need to use a purchase order, we recommend that you contact a reseller in your area and have them contact us to arrange your purchase.

Apply For the Academic Discount


In order to receive the the academic discount, you must obtain a discount code from TroikaTronix before you place your order. We will not apply an academic or non-profit discount after your purchase has been completed.


  • Students will need to email a copy of their student identification card, showing they study at an academic institution. (Expired IDs will not be accepted!)
  • Staff or Faculty members may either supply a scan of their valid ID card or the URL of page on the institution’s web site that identifies them as an employee.
  • The contact email used when purchasing the program must be within the domain of the university or institution. For instance, if you are a student at New York University, the contact email must end with

Please fill out the form below to submit the required information to us. After we have reviewed your submission, and received all necessary information from you, we will send you a “coupon code” that you can use to receive the discount.

Name of Institution:
Institution Web Site:
Name of Applicant:
Applicant Email:
Contact Email Verification:

Contact emails must be within the domain of the institution. For example, if you are a student at New York University, then your email must end with “”.

Important: If you submit your order with a different email address, the order will not be processed!

My contact email address is within the domain of the institution.

Proof of Status:

I will email a scan of my valid faculty/student/staff identification card which shows an expiration date.
I have a web page that shows I am on the faculty or staff of the institution. (Faculty and staff only; this option is not valid for students.)
I don’t have either of these. I need to establish a different form of proof.

Proof of Status

Web Page:

If you chose “I have a web page…” above, then please enter the address of that page:


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