Plugins by bonemap

OpenNi Line Puppet

Line Puppet for OpenNI Tracker A Skeleton Decoder action figure that uses multiple '3D Lines'. Paired with the OpenNI Tracker module, Line Puppet provides a modifiable figure that moves with depth camera skeleton tracking data. The figure is constructed in two halves with colour and line size parameters. Set the OpenNI Tracker parameter for 'skeleton scale' to 'cm' for expected scaling.

Floating Tunnels by bonemap

Floating Tunnels by Bonemap is an Isadora 3 video user actor macro. It is a recursive pattern module, as the name suggests, it generates a representation of a floating tunnel. There are parameters for colour (hue range), sine and pulse frequency. It accepts a video texture. It has a background colour parameter that can be on or off.

Dynamic Data Patch by bonemap

This demonstration project is an Isadora patch that imports live data from an online URL source. It uses it in a way that represents the data graphically and to locate elements in x and y space on the stage. The patch works by accessing an Open Data Source using a live internet URL. The data set includes names of Countries, their Captial City and Latitude and Longitude coordinates and other information. After scaling with Limit-Scale Value actors, the longitude and latitude data locates each city on a world map sphere. A list of iso2 codes (2 letter country codes) has been saved as a text file and read into the patch through a Data Array actor. This Isadora patch demonstrates the Get URL Text, Text Parser, Text Formatter and Data Array actors. It has been updated to fix an issue with reporting retrospective dates when a new month occurs. It has also been updated to reflect higher limits of instances reported through the API source. Note: the JSON Parser Actor is required and can be downloaded for Mac and Windows here:

Two Point Bezier Shape

A GLSL actor that provides the X and Y uniform variables for a Bezier shape along two points on a diagonal. Original bezier function by Golan Levin and Collaborators. Original Author @kyndinfo - 2016. Cubic Bezier through two points. Available at Adapted for Isadora by Bonemap 2020

Circular Path by bonemap

Bonemap's Circular Path is an Isadora 3 user actor that provides the X and Y (vertical and Horizontal) coordinates to describe a circular path. The parameters include Reverse, Radius and Rotation Frequency. There is also an example patch that demonstrates the user actor.

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