This is a chromakey user actor based on a GLSL green-screen shader I found on I have made the inputs to the shader available to be manipulated in Isadora. I then embedded the GLSL shader inside a user actor to ease in sharing it.


Notes on using this shader:


The higher the color number the more of that color is removed. So if you only wanted to take out a solid green, you may set Red to 0, Green to 1, and Blue to 0. Playing around with these numbers you should be able to take out other colors that are a mix of RGB as well.


The actor defaults to being set up for green screening.


The padd(ing) setting is fiddly and may not really ever need to be set much higher than .05


The Threshold setting is also very sensitive and may not need to be very high to get a big effect.


All of the settings ending up feeling like they need to be quite precisely set, but I find that the key it provides is quite nice once it is tuned in and doesn’t seem to be very taxing to my system.


You may find and HSL actor or a contrast adjustment actor in between your source and this actor may help cut out the greenish frizzy bits on the edges of your content.

For Isadora
Actor version(s)
April 06 2021
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