ADD-ONS by peuclid

ZoomOSC Name To Video – User Actor

This is a project using a few user actors for dealing with ZoomOSC and auto-cropping the participants and creating scenes from them. It makes heavy use of Global Values by setting them for the panner values for every frame in every gallery size of ZoomOSC. It also uses Global Values to retain all the data associated with each person in the meeting. This combination allows us to easily fine the right cropping for any given user. The User Actor that calculates the cropping is "Calculate Frame Croppers" which is on the OSCListen scene. The User Actor "Gallery Video Broadcasters" sets a broadcaster for each of the cropped videos from the scraped screen. In the "Sample Scene" scene, we have the pair of User Actors: "Name To Video", which takes names as input and sends vid-gpu as output for each of the names participants in the meeting. The "Layout" actor, passes each of those videos to projectors for layout.   Version 1.1.0 changed to passing JSON data rather than individual numbers so that it can scale up with fewer lines drawn.   This requires plugin: JSON Parser   I added a checklist to the OSCListn page:   1. You must have a Pro license for ZoomOSC to receive the /list/ message 2. You must turn OFF self-view in the gallery 3. You must set Settings / Additional Settings / Gallery tracking mode to ZoomID 4. If you ever need to reset the frames, hit the 'd' key to send a /list/ command 5. You must install the Isadora plugins:  

Zoom meeting cropper javascript – User Actor

This is mostly about the javascript User Actor embedded in the example izzy file. The javascript will calculate the Isadora Panner values needed to easily create lists of actors to construct a scene.