ADD-ONS by kathmandale

Wiggle – User Actor

This user actor mimics the 'Wiggle' expression found in After Effects. It constantly (and smoothly) fades the 'value in' up and down by a random amount based on the next two inputs. The fourth input 'curvature' changes the feel or smoothness of the fades by adjusting the curvature of the two Ease In-Out actors inside the user actor:   > Frequency = how often to change (or how fast to wiggle) > Amplitude = how much to change (or how big a wiggle) > Curvature = the ramp of each change (or how smooth a wiggle)   It can be used as a generator on it's own, as it will will only rest when given a frequency or amplitude of 0.   It can also be applied to changing values, such as those from an envelope generator. This can be useful when trying create more 'natural' looking movement for example or to imitate something like camera shake.   For any suggestions for improvements to the actor, help with using it or to show off some examples of it in use please use this thread on the forum: