ADD-ONS by aolis

Chromakey++ – User Actor

I adapted a green-screen shader from for this chromakey user actor. Original shadertoy code can be found here (by jackdavenport, posted on 30 / 05 / 2015) Some notes on its use: It doesn't take changing a number much to get a big effect. The padding number (padd) may not ever need to be much over the .05 default. The threshold doesn't need to be very big either for a large effect. The colour numbers represent how much of that colour is being keyed out of the source image. So if Red and Blue are at 0 and Green is at 1 then it would be set up for green-screening. (The default setting it comes in up with I believe.) You may find adding an HSL and/or a contrast actor between your source and this actor may help you tune out any green fuzzy bits in your key.