Workshops May/June 2013 in Berlin

TroikaTronix will host a series of free mini-workshops – as well as a three-day workshop intensive for artists –taught by Isadora’s creator Mark Coniglio this May and June in Berlin, Germany.

Workshop attendance is limited to 15 participants maximum. If you wish to attend, please send us a mail using this form.

Isadora Mini Workshop: The Basics – FREE!
29 May 2013 / 18 – 20h / Berlin

This workshop will introduce the core functions of Isadora: how to play, layer and project video imagery, and how to organize that imagery into a series scenes that can be cued by the operator. We will also demonstrate how use Isadora’s keystoning features to achieve simple but flexible video mapping.

Isadora Mini Workshop: Interactivity – FREE!
5 June 2013 / 18- 20h / Berlin

What sets Isadora apart from other media servers is it’s focus on interactive control. In this workshop we will explore a variety of interactive sensing possibilities including camera tracking, Wii controllers and iPad/iPhone. You will learn how the actions of a performer (or operator) can control generation and/or manipulation of video, sound and light.

Isadora Mini Workshop: 3D – FREE!
12 June 2013 / 18 – 20h / Berlin

Isadora provides the real-time, interactive rendering of 3D models. In this workshop, we will show you how you can capitalize on these 3D features to create compelling interactive imagery that is generated in real-time – either by using generative systems or in response to the actions of performers on the stage.

Interactive Digital Media for Live Performance – 150€
26 – 28 June 2013 / 11 – 17h / Berlin

This workshop is designed for artists who wish to incorporate interactive video, sound or light into the live performance they create. Designed for choreographers, composers, theater directors, or scenographers who want to use these digital forms in an artistically compelling way, this workshop will introduce you to the software tool Isadora® – Coniglio’s powerful yet artist-friendly software tool that allows you to quickly and effectively add interactive elements to your creations.

During the three day workshop, participants will learn to create simple but compelling interactive setups using Isadora. The focus of this workshop will not be technical. Instead, we will consider the real-world compositional problems of the participants and respond to these by introducing features that address these concerns in an artistically compelling way. The participants will leave the workshop with a basic, solid knowledge of the software that can be put into practice immediately. (All students will receive a complimentary three-month license to the software so that they may continue their experiments after the workshop’s conclusion.)

While Isadora is very friendly and easy to learn, applicants should nevertheless be comfortable working with computers. (We encourage you to prepare for the workshop by exploring the online video tutorials for Isadora.)

The language of the workshops will be English.

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