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Position the cursor...

Sometimes when using Isadora during a performance I lose sight of where the cursor is. I've been trying to create a function that will position the cursor(mouse) at a specified x,y location on my laptop screen. I have not been successful doing this. Is this possible to do? Has anyone done this?

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. : Isadora v2.5 with MBP OS X 10.11.6


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  • I have the same problem. The solution I found is to put my tool display below and my outputs up, with dock hided  and "growing" (in French "agrandissement") activated and my dock full of apps.

    So when I go down, my cursor is going in the dock, showing where he is.
    Long time ago, in Macromedia Director, it was a function to move the cursor…
    Hope that helps.

    Jacques Hoepffner website MBP i7 2.6Ghz 16Go / MacOs10.11.6 / Izzy 2.5

  • OSCulator might do it?

    Graham Thorne | |
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