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keyframe actor

I'm wondering if it's possible to create an data array actor that can easily manipulate x/y/z/time data points on a timeline. Perhaps a combination between data array, 2d ease in-out 2D and curves actor that provides x/y/z data points plus a ease-in/ease-out option.

See attached image for reference
This was prompted by my effort in creating a keyframe animation actor. It was inspired by another post in the forums but I don't think my effort here is the most flexible. The actor records keyframes that you can recall, update or insert new ones. it's made to play them in a sequence, however one can make it to play the keyframes in any order.

Keyframe array.jpg
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  • Hello,

    At the moment, the best way way to record keyframe on a timeline is to use an external software:
    free and limited : Duration, seems to disappear from the web…
    Not free but powerful: vezér
    Hope that helps

    Jacques Hoepffner website MBP i7 2.6Ghz 16Go / MacOs10.11.6 / Izzy 2.5

  • Hi,

    Some time ago I made a "motion saver" 
    With this motion saver you can save X/Y/Z in a period of time.
    This motion is saved in a text file.
    You can choose a record frequency, this are the interval between recorded keyframes.
    when you start recording it also times the total time so you can play it at real time or change the speed.
    you can also choose a segment to play just like a movie player. And play it palindrome.
    If you start recording it adds the values to the end of the que so if you want a new motion you have to pres reset first.
    Hope this helps.
    Groeten Gertjan

    Motion save 2.0.iua
  • Thanks for sharing @GertjanB 

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