PS3 eye ti syphon, multiple ps3 eye

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After always having trouble with getting multiple ps3 cameras running and getting full frame rate out of these cameras I have made a simple solution (sorry mac only).
It supports multiple cameras, and will automatically detect how many cameras you are running and expand based on how many you have. Each camera will have its own syphon output. At the moment framerates and sizes are universal so you only get on setting for the camera. Each camera however keeps its own settings. All settings can be changed any time via OSC.
Tested with 2 cameras because I do not have any more.
EDIT: Download now from github (app is in the bin folder)
press g to show the gui
click on the settings bar to access settings.
to go to the next camera press n
to go to the previous camera press p
The camera resolution framerate and the OSC input port are all set in the mySettings.xml file. You can edit these to valid settings in any text editor, then just save the file.
To control the cameras remotely send osc on the chosen port (default 1234) with the following structure.
/camera_number as int /setting
so to change the brightness on camera 2 to 0.5 send the following message address
/2/brighness with a float of 0.5
settings parameters and types are:
/camera_number/gain                        --float
/camera_number/shutter                    --float
/camera_number/brightness               --float
/camera_number/contrast                  --float
/camera_number/hue                         --float
/camera_number/flicker                      --int
/camera_number/white_balance        --int
All settings are saved when you click the save button in the gui, cameras will start up with the saved settings, including the draw setting.
Made with openframeworks using  paulobarcelos addon


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