Upgrade to Isadora 2.0

The information below applies to users who already own an Isadora 1.x license.

You may purchase an upgrade from v1.x to 2.0 for US$125 per license. There are no volume or academic discounts for the upgrade.

Click to the link below that applies to you:

Information Required to Upgrade

You are required to provide the following information to us when you upgrade. Please make sure you have it ready when you place your order.

  • Your license name. You see this name in Isadora’s “About Box,” which you can see by opening Isadora and choosing “About Isadora” from the Apple menu (MacOS) or the Help Menu (Windows)
  • Your serial number (ISM-XXXXX for Mac licenses, ISW-XXXXX for Windows licenses)

If you do not know your license name or serial number, you can request it by visiting our support page and choosing “Need Registration Information” as the topic. Please note, we only send license information to the email address we have on file. So please use that email address when requesting license information.

Upgrading Multi-Seat Licenses

Make sure to also read Information Required to Upgrade above.

Upgrade All Licenses

If you have more than one v1.x license under the same serial number (ISM/ISW-XXXXX) and want to upgrade all of them, then you simply need to purchase a matching number of Isadora 2.0 upgrades.

Upgrade Some Licenses

If you have multiple licenses under one serial number (ISM/ISW-XXXXX) and want to upgrade only one of them because you want to try the 2.0 features, we would encourage to try out Isadora 2.0 by forcing in to demo mode as described below.

Otherwise, the upgrade process is a bit more complicated.

If you want to upgrade only some of your existing 1.x licenses, we need to split your license into two — one serial number for the Isadora v1.x license and one for the Isadora 2.0 license. Please note that this will require some additional email communication with you about splitting the license.

Installing 2.0 without Upgrading

If you have an Isadora 1.x license you can download and install Isadora 2.0 at any time; there is no need to re-register. Your existing 1.x license gives you access to all v1.x features, and will allow you to save. But the v2.0 features will be hidden from you. You can explore the Isadora 2.0 features by forcing Isadora 2.0 into demo mode, as described below.

Try Isadora 2.0 in Demo Mode

If you have a valid 1.x license and you install Isadora 2.0,  you won’t be able to see the 2.0 features until you purchase the 2.0 upgrade. But, you can try out the 2.0 features by forcing Isadora into demo mode.

It is as simple as:

  • Open Isadora 2.0 with your existing 1.x license
  • Choose Help > Try Isadora 2.0 in Demo Mode
  • Say “OK” to the two warnings, telling you that you won’t be able to save your patches until you quit and restart Isadora
  • Choose File > New to create a new file, or File > Open.. to open an existing file.

Now, all of the 2.0 features will be visible to you. You just won’t be able to save any changes until you quit and restart Isadora.


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