Isadora 2.0.0b16 – Release Notes + Bug Fixes


v002 Screen Capture: If you are using the lateste beta version Isadora 2.0 is incompatible with this older Quartz Composer plugin,
Please delete this if you have it installed, otherwise Isadora will crash on startup, unless you are running on 10.6.x  It is located At Macintosh HD/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plugins

SoftVDigX: a QuickTime component used to capture video input. This name is not actually unique, but 99% of the time it is the old driver for Kinoni’s Epoccam, which many Isadora users have installed. This driver is not compatible with 10.9, thus the crash after upgrading. This file is usually located inside the user director at /Users/USER_NAME_HERE/Library/QuickTime, though it could also be at /Library/QuickTime


DigiDesign (Avid/ProTools) Sound Console 002 and 003: due to driver conflict that causes Isadora to crash when loading and initialising MIDI on startup. 


#1552280 Aug 23 2014 v2.0.0b2. New toolbin added for FFGL actors

#1552103 Aug 23 2014 Fixed for 2.0.0b2. New Movie Player no longer crashes when connected to a vid-cpu actor, and the mode is changed from performance to interactive

#1555370 Aug 25 2014 2.0.0b2 – Crash When Adding User Inputs to User Actor Reported in the forum.
1) Create a User Actor
2) Double click it
3) Attempt to add User Input
4) Boom
MC Recreated this in 2.0.0b2 and fixed for 2.0.0b3

#1554005 Aug 25 2014 List of Syphon actors being output no longer grows when Syphon Stage Output is turned on and off. Fixed for 2.0.0b2.

#1552739 Aug 25 2014 Isadora Bug Report 2.0.0b1
Movie player, chroma key, projector. Switching clips in the movie player caused the crash.
MC Recreated this in 2.0.0b2 and fixed for 2.0.0b3

#1544806 Aug 25 2014 Isadora Bug Report 2.0.0b1
Media bins icons for Audio and Picture were switched

#1554237 Aug 25 2014 Clicking on Input select channel in Live Capture crashed Isadora. Fixed for 2.0.0b3

#1554304 Aug 25 2014 Izzymap feature added to the CI Projector for 2.0.0b3

#1553614 website feature request form fixed

#1553629 Isadora registration – mac registration webpage link was a dead link

#1547485 Mapper – complex mask output would cause crash if point were shift unselected (windows)

#1558543 Listener did not have input type audio

#1571619 : august 30 2014 User section missing from toolbox

#1567312 : august 31st HAP playback on windows not working.

#1553829 fixed for 2.0.0b4 – reportcrash process running with extreme cpu usage

#1570974 fixed for 2.0.0b3 – CI projector input is zoomed incorrectly upon opening.

#1552997 – fixed for 2.0.0b2? – CI projector no input

#1553000 - fixed for 2.0.0b4 – mapper output of 3rd point crossing center, was inconsistent with other corners doing the same, They all now flip over the center point smoothly and consistently.

#1568920 - Feature added – Drag mapper view – added for 2.0.0b4 –
Command key is the modifier for Mac, Control key for Windows.

#1571619 - ‘User Actor’ toolbox missing (Windows) – fixed for 2.0.0b3

#1563147 - Fixed for 2.0.0b6b Mapper doesn’t support cut and paste of slices.

#1575947 - fixed for 2.0.0b4 Hap acceleration not working on Windows

#1565009 - fixed for 2.0.0b4 media bin Arrow icons background not changing with state.

#1601935 - fixed for 2.0.0b9 video to texture actor not outputting initial frame

#1605518- fixed for 2.0.0b9 Texture Projector Additive blend mode needs a (non-zero) layer setting

#1607463 - fixed for 2.0.0b9 MP4 playback on PC raising error.

#1579361 - fixed for 2.0.0b9 classic projector crashing is Hap file playing when mapper opened

#1621457 - fixed for 2.0.0b10 mapper info popup opening at incorrect time.

#1603253 - fixed for 2.0.0b10 error raised in texture projector when switching resolution ratios

#1598774 – fixed for 2.0.0b10 No longer allows vid-gpu to be connected as an input to the calculator actor.

#1573533 – fixed for 2.0.0b11 mapper arrows move objects side to side but not up and down if layer stack is active.
fix stops any slice movement via arrows when stack is active

#1314504 - fixed for 2.0.0b11 sound player does not pause audio when Isadora engine is paused.

#1576308 - fixed for 2.0.0b11 Preview thumbnail for vid-cpu caused crash if codec is Hap (between classic player and classic projector)

#1574167 - fixed for 2.0.0b11 crash when using mirror buttons with grid slice in mapper

#1621411 - fixed 2.0.0b11 bezier handles not shown in output of grid-slice in mapper

#1592314 - fixed 2.0.0b11 Disable Actor Snapshot – icon no longer visible in either Classic or Modern view

#1732499 - fixed 2.0.0b12 Counter Actor redesigned: In 1.3.1f06, when you change the ‘minimum’ or ‘maximum’ input of the Counter actor, it would automatically
1) Set the Scale Min/Max of the ‘cur value’ input
2) Set the Limit Min/Max of the ‘output’ output
This has now been changed so that these two settings will retain their existing min max settings. These can still be changed manually if desired.

#1659783 - fixed 2.0.0b13 Movie Player limited number of movie ID changes to 256, limitation removed.

#1654347 - fixed 2.0.0b13 Vid-CPU and Vid-GPU labelling made consistent across classic and modern themes.

#1703256 - fixed 2.0.0b13 ‘texture to video’ actor outputs video correctly now.

#1659625 - fixed 2.0.0b13 The ‘visible’ property parameter setting of the sprite actor had no effect.

#1648831- fixed 2.0.0b13 Vid-gpu and vid-ci output types now allow you to show the inspector and change the ctl id. You can only manipulate this value when the stream is active.

#1552592 - fixed 2.0.0b13 Correctly shows error dialog when detects on startup incompatible plugin v002 Screen Capture

#1718331 - fixed 2.0.0b13 IR Cosmic pack FFGL plugins now appear correctly named

#1677621 – fixed 2.0.0b13 Sending a zero to position input of the Movie Player resets it to zero correctly

#1682843 - fixed 2.0.0b13 OSC Listener now retains custom limit values for min and max at the output parameter

#1646216 - fixed 2.0.0b13 Capture stage to disk actor now records correctly when using the new Movie Player actor

#1646160 - fixed 2.0.0b13 Javascript actor no longer crashes is a video stream is connected to the input. Future versions are planned to allow javascript to act upon textures, but this will not be in 2.0. In the meantime, attaching a video input to the Javascript actor will result in the following: “any non-numeric or non-string input (e.g., a video stream) will be interpreted as an integer value of 0.”

#1683081 - fixed 2.0.0b14 USB licence version: menu bar was inactive after startup until any other window was selected.

#1695642 & #1685011 – fixed 2.0.0b14 Multichannel sound output in the new Movie Player actor now works as expected.

#1809149 - fixed 2.0.0b14 When using the Syphon to Video actor, the Isadora stage output went white if the third party Syphon Server application window was resized.

#1798609 - fixed 2.0.0b14 User Actor toolbin sorting changed so that the actors sort alphabetically without being case sensitive for the first letter of their name.

#1809210 - fixed 2.0.0b14 Syphon to Texture output parameter name renamed to ‘texture out’, instead of ‘video out.

#1789197 - fixed 2.0.0b14 Positioning mouse (to see a thumbnail) over a link from a Movie Player and Texture Projector in performance mode with an H264 clip resulted in rapid extreme luminance.

#1803574 - fixed 2.0.0b14 Duplicated scenes will be placed after the last selected scene. If multiple scenes are duplicated at the same time, the duplicated scenes will be inserted after the scene with the highest scene number.

#1749429 - fixed 2.0.0b14 When using the MoviePlayerDirect actor, fixed video flashes when mouse was over the stage window.

#1803586- fixed 2.0.0b14 Texture Picture Player outputting to a Texture Projector projected the the texture image upside down.

#1646259 - confirmed fixed 2.0.0b15 Midi Note OFF not being received

#1668525 – fixed 2.0.0b15 limitation to the number of Freeframe plugins Isadora can load on Windows.

#1823952 -fixed 2.0.0b15 freeframe files found only one folder deep. Fixed to 2 levels.

#1361565 -fixed 2.0.0b15 image preload not releasing as expected

#1780910 -fixed 2.0.0b16 HapQ file playback tearing

#1814012 -fixed 2.0.0b16 movie sound playing while visible set to off

#1831232 -fixed 2.0.0b16 New Projectors mutable input not mutating when connected to another mutabel connection. (eg: selector)

#1830979 -fixed 2.0.0b16 adding actors with more inputs than outputs caused crash (due to new N/A input option)

#1860310 & 1865380 -fixed 2.0.0b16 Video to Texture actor caused Crash on Yosemite.

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