Isadora Licenses

Quantity discounts are applied automatically if you purchase more than one license in a single order. Additional discounts are available to faculty, staff and students at recognized academic institutions. Follow this link to learn more about the academic discount.

1   $450.00 $405.00
2 5.0% $855.00 $769.50
3 5.0% $1282.50 $1154.25
4 7.5% $1665.00 $1498.50
5 7.5% $2081.25 $1873.13
6 10.0% $2430.00 $2551.50
7 10.0% $2835.00 $2520.00
8 12.5% $3150.00 $2835.00
9 12.5% $3543.75 $3189.38
10 15.0% $3825.00 $3442.50
20 15.0% $7650.00 $6885.00
30 15.0% $11475.00 $10327.50
All prices are in US dollars.
VAT is not included in these prices.
Isadora 2.x Upgrades For 1.x License Holders – US$125.00 Per License

You will need the License Name and Serial Number for your existing license(s) when you place the order – please have this information ready. (If you have lost track of this information, you can request it from us via our support page.)

There are no quantity or academic discounts for the Isadora 2.x upgrade.

USB Key Upgrade: US$85 per License

If you often move from computer to computer, then a USB Key is the best way to make your Isadora license mobile. If already have a standard license, and would like to change to the USB Key licensing system, you simply need to purchase a USB key and provide your existing license information when you order. We’ll take care of the rest. USB Key upgrades are US$85 per license and are not subject to volume discounts.

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