Licensing Options

There are three licensing options for Isadora.

  • The Standard License is generally the best choice individuals working on a single computer.
  • The USB key License is best for users who frequently move from computer to computer
  • The Sassafras Keyserver License is best for organizations who wish to distribute Isadora throughout their institution.

Standard License

The standard license allows you to install Isadora on one computer for each license purchased.

To fully enable Isadora for a particular computer, you generate a registration code specific to that machine. Once you have done this, you will be able to save your Isadora documents.

Our registration scheme is a bit unusual in that there is no de-authorization procedure. Instead, should you need to register Isadora on a new computer, you simply generate a new registration code for the new machine. You may do this up to three times per year for each license you have purchased.

Please note: is not intended that you would use the three registration codes to install Isadora on multiple machines when you have a single-seat license. Instead, you would use these to re-register should you purchase a new computer or have a serious crash that renders your machine unusable.

USB Key License

An Isadora license may be purchased with an optional USB Key (or dongle) for an additional charge. If you often move from computer to computer, then a USB Key is the best solution to make your Isadora license mobile. You may also switch to the USB Key version at a later date.

You may purchase more licenses than USB Keys if you want some of the licenses to use the standard, online registration system. (e.g., purchasing 3 Licenses and 1 USB Key would give you 2 Standard Licenses and 1 USB Key License.) However, you cannot purchase more USB keys than licenses.

Once you receive your USB Key, using the key is the only way you will be able to run the fully enabled version of Isadora. You will no longer be able to generate registration codes using our standard, online system.

If you lose your USB key, you will need to purchase a complete Isadora license before you can purchase a replacement key. Unfortunately, this policy is very strict because we have no way to verify that the key is actually lost. So please, be very careful with your key – it is worth the cost of Isadora and the cost of the key together!

Sassafras Keyserver License

If you are a large institution or company and would like to distribute Isadora widely within your organization, we suggest the Sassafras Keyserver version of Isadora. With this version, you may install Isadora on as many computers as you wish. The Sassafras Keyserver program will limit the number of simultaneous users to the number of licenses you have purchased. We offer this special licensing option at no extra charge. 

If you use Sassafras Keyserver at your institution and are interested in obtaining the Sassafras enabled version of Isadora, please contact us.

(Note: the Sassafras Keyserver software is not sold by TroikaTronix nor is it included in the purchase price. To learn more about Sassfras Keyserver, click here.)

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