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Print Reviews

  • This New York Times article about Kevin Cunningham’s experimental play, “Losing Something,” featured several references to Isadora and its importance to the production.
  • Lighting and Sound America’s July 2009 issue features an article describing how Alex Koch used Isadora to drive multiple projectors in the software’s Broadway premiere. (Unfortunately no online version of the article exists.)
  • Also in Lighting and Sound America is an online article describing how Isadora was used to generate scenic backdrops for the musical Annie Warbucks in San Jose, California.

Online Reviews

  • Electronic Musician (September 2008) – “Isadora is supported by a terrific manual (PDF only), an active users forum, and a number of getting-started tutorials. If you want to explore combining video and audio or are simply looking for unique ways to interconnect audio parameters, then give it a try. A free trial version, as well as educational pricing ($275) on the commercial version, makes it well worth a look.”
  • (September 2004) – “While other applications (such as ArKaos VJ, Max/MSP, and VDMXX) can create special effects for live performances, their complexity can be daunting; their performance, sluggish; and their effects, predictable. Isadora’s ease of use and flexibility make it a solid choice. Isadora allows you to manipulate prerecorded and live media – either with programmed effects and controls or on-the-fly via input from a keyboard or a mouse, a MIDI device, a microphone, or a video camera”
  • - Review by Jean Poole: ” Wonderful and well executed addition to the real-time video software field, and a great example of bridging the gap between artists and programmers. Versatile as you the time you put into it, and offers both an intuitive interface and progressive depth.”
  • – Rated 8.7 out of a possible 10
  • Digicult – Mark Coniglio: Building Blocks Isadora

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