Isadora has become an essential resource for creative ingenuity for thousands individual artists, designers, educators, and companies in a variety of disciplines and environments worldwide. Because all patches in Isadora are created from scratch by their user, they are as unique as their creator. Check out some of the ways Isadora’s flexibility, powerful set of tools, and easy learning curve can be applied in your discipline:


  • Interactively control sound and video in real time based on user-defined criteria for sensing dancers’ movements and location in space.
  • Pre-sequence video clips for precise cueing and/or execute real-time, instantaneous cueing during performance.
  • Manipulate live video from onstage cameras, integrating live dancers with their processed image.
  • Immediately playback and manipulate live action just recorded in performance with onstage cameras.
  • Facilitate the sequencing of numerous, complex interactive setups; real-time scene changes or multifaceted transitions are as instant and easy as a tap of the spacebar.

Theater Performances 

  • Pre-sequence video clips for precise cueing and/or execute real-time, instantaneous cueing during performance.
  • Create dynamic, virtual sets that respond to a computer operator’s cues or a performer’s movement or sound.
  • Send up to six video outputs, from a single desktop computer, to six individual video projectors.
  • Control and cue lighting . . .
  • Playback multi-channel sound with ASIO and/or CoreAudio ready audio output devices.

Interactive Installations

  • Receive and utilize a myriad of input from the real-world and environment.
  • Control real-time video and audio manipulation modules with video tracking (Isadora’s Eyes module can report the position of an object in the video frame), audio amplitude and frequency, as well as mouse and keyboard.
  • Utilize a complete a set of modules for MIDI input and output, triggering an action based on a Note On message or warping a video in response to a Continuous Controller message.

Video Effects for Post-Production

  • Create imagery and dynamic graphics to be used in film and video.
  • Easily record Isadora’s output to a QuickTime movie to then import into your favorite video editor or other video production tool.
  • Link any number of video manipulation modules in any order, engaging in a distinctively organic process of creative discovery.

Video for Club Environments

  • Create custom control panels, with sliders, buttons, text, and more, specific to your needs.
  • Organize hundreds of clips with the powerful Bin Picker Control so that you can select them by thumbnail, file name, or both.
  • Activate and deactivate any single module in real-time to finely alter your custom patch and maximize your performance.

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