Isadora Creative Space – Berlin

Mark Coniglio and TroikaTronix will host the Isadora Creative Space – the first of a series of regularly scheduled gatherings that will be held in Berlin, Germany. Our purpose is to create a roving “pop-up” workspace that will bring together the local community of media artists and designers in a spirit of creativity, generosity and craftsmanship. While we expect that those in attendance will primarily be users of Isadora, anyone who uses interactive digital technology in the creation of live performance is welcome to attend.

If you are able to join us, please please bring yourself, your laptop, and an idea on which you’d like to work or an outcome you’d like to share. Within an informal atmosphere we will work individually on our projects so that the entire community can benefit from – and be inspired by – our individual expertise and creativity. You should also bring your know-how and willingness to share techniques, tools and tips with the others in attendance. In this way, we will begin to form a network of like-minded artists and designers in the Berlin area, which is ultimately the purpose of these gatherings.

One personal note: the Isadora Creative Space is your chance for a focused, personal consultation with me. While I will be quite happy to give assistance and technical help to those who need it, please keep in mind that I also will be there to work on my own project just like the rest of you. Instead,

This first meeting will take place at the wonderful Alte Kantine in the Wedding area of Berlin. (The space is bit “tucked away” in the Uferhalle complex; we will have signs out to help you find your way once you arrive.)

The following equipment will be on hand for the participants to share:

  • One large and two smaller video projectors.
  • VGA Cables to connect laptops to the projectors
  • Tables and chairs
  • Power Outlets
  • Sound System (only one to be shared.)

If you need anything else, then you need to bring it with you.

The final point is that I planned to give a short talk on some Isadora specific topic at the beginning of the meeting – no more than 45 minutes. I’d like to hear from those who might be there what you might like me to talk about. Please post your ideas here.

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