FreeFrame Plugins

FreeFrame Video Processing Plugins

Isadora® was the first commercial Macintosh software to support FreeFrame, a multi-platform, open-source standard for video effects plugins.

The FreeFrame 1.0 standard allowed processing of video images on the CPU. The recently announced FreeFrame 1.5 standard allows high-speed processing of video on the graphics card of your computer. Isadora will offer FreeFrame 1.5 support in our next major release.

FreeFrame Plugins / Hosted by TroikaTronix

TroikaTronix has updated Pete Warden’s open-source FreeFrame plugins to run under Mac OS. Both his original Windows plugins and our Mac OS versions are available here, in run-time or source code form.

Download Pete Warden’s FreeFrame Plugins

Mac OS XInstaller [ DMG ]XCode Project [ DMG ]
WindowsInstaller [ EXE ]Visual Studio Project [ ZIP ] 
More FreeFrame Plugins

For a further selection of free plugins, visit the FreeFrame project and their plugin database page.

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