FreeFrame Plugins

FreeFrame Video Processing Plugins

Isadora® was the first commercial Macintosh software to support FreeFrame, a multi-platform, open-source standard for video effects plugins.

The FreeFrame GL 1.5 standard allows high-speed processing of video on the graphics card of your computer. The original FreeFrame 1.0 standard only offered CPU based processing. As of version 2.0, Isadora fully supports both the FreeFrame GL and original FreeFrame standards.

GPU Based FreeFrame Plugins / Hosted by TroikaTronix

TroikaTronix is building a growing collection of FreeFrameGL plugins for use with Isadora. Installers for both Mac and Windows can be downloaded below.

Download the TroikaTronix FreeFrame GL plugin collection
Mac OS X Installer [ ZIP ]  
Windows Installer [ EXE ]  
CPU Based FreeFrame Plugins / Hosted by TroikaTronix

TroikaTronix has updated Pete Warden’s open-source FreeFrame plugins to run under Mac OS. Both his original Windows plugins and our Mac OS versions are available here, in run-time or source code form.

 Download Pete Warden’s FreeFrame Plugins

Mac OS X Installer [ DMG ] XCode Project [ DMG ]
Windows Installer [ EXE ] Visual Studio Project [ ZIP ] 

More FreeFrame Plugins

For a further selection of free plugins, visit the FreeFrame project and their plugin database page.

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